TOP 5 tennis drills for beginners

TOP 5 – Tennis Drills for Beginners Player & Kids

Five Useful Tennis Drills for Beginners and Kids Player

TOP 5 tennis drills for beginners

In today’s article we give a few lessons for beginners fans of tennis. In the first part of the text we write some helpful guidelines for lovers of tennis who do not know where to begin to learn this beautiful sport. The second part of the text will be devoted to examples of exercises tennis.

Getting Started with tennis

The hardest thing is to start !. Below we advise how to get started with tennis that was for us successful, enjoyable and fascinating.

Getting hours of the game on the court do not always belong to the pleasure. Lots of new elements that are hard to remember and repeat. On the other hand, each of us wants to play the best possible way opponent that had problems with the reflection of the ball. Assumptions of the game are simple – you have to play where there is no enemy, but in the early stages of learning play is not a simple task.

Try to play normally

At the beginning of the most important is feeling the ball namely the ball should be played where we want. This is not possible during all court game because it is ideal to start the game on a mini court. As far as progress we increase the field of play until we get to the standard size court.

Be patient

In tennis, hard to find two players who are same make progress in each game comes everything else. If you have a problem with the strike you have to be patient – practice makes perfect – should sacrifice more time to hit then the expected results will come.

Learn from the beginning of simple hits

In the beginning, it is important that the hit were simple. Looking at the players, each of them has an individual conducting a rocket every time you play. It is impossible find two identical forehand or backhand. In the initial stage of learning concentrate on the point of hitting the ball ahead. Hitting should be carried out slowly that the as soon as possible to remember whole movement.

Pay attention to the footwork

Even during the game on a small court you should work on the legs – jump at the moment of hitting the opponent small steps when set to stop the ball at impact.

A few easy tennis drills for beginners


tennis drills for kids five drills simply

Training with the wall is the best method tennis drills for beginners

The great advantage of the walls of the training is also true that almost it replaces partner, so everyone can practice with her alone. Continuing advantage is the high intensity of exercise because at the same time we can play twice or even five times more hits than when playing on the court. Of course, exercise is not as interesting as playing partner on the court but the exercises are very good preparation for the appropriate game. It is recommended that frequent return to the of exercises on the wall even if you are already regularly play on the court, in order to accelerate the improvement.

Conquering ball on a rocket forehand

We are looking at the correct grip rocket – we catch a racket grip universal. Having the correct grip we raise ball vertically. The ball should bounce of a tennis only once. When you succeed to conquer the ball 6 to 8 times, we can then proceed to boost ball without reflection of the court.

Conquering ball on the racket backhand

Also in this case, we can keep the a racket grip universal, but we hit the ball the opposite side tension to hit forehand. As part of the activity the same procedure as in the case described in the first paragraph.

Volley game

When you exercise volley stand much closer to the net (approximately 1.3 m from the net). Your task is to keep the ball in play but we can not let the ball bounced on the court. For ease – we have the opportunity to shill ball a few times on the rocket before we play to your partner

The best tennis drills for kids

See some examples of good of exercises for kids


Tennis drills for kids are much easier than for adults focus mainly on the condition of our children

See also exercises tennis drills real stars such as Roger Federer

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