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Welcome to the website best site for learning how to play tennis on the Internet you will find here tips courts and tricks on how to improve in a simple way your game of tennis. Tennis is not a simple sport as anyone can seem to be a good tennis player you need a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge that you will find on the page. Select the topics that interest you with our collection of guides, thanks for visiting our collection of tennis tips that I hope will be helpful to you

Basics of tennis

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Here you will find all the guides that are on offer guidance tennis you will learn among other things, how to choose a racket for beginners how to play tennis, which is backhand and fronthand. You will learn new skills. All the basic information you find here :

If you are a beginner tennis player you’ve come to the right place for sure you you will find the interesting tips


In this place you will find the guides on how to correctly hit the tennis ball as defend against enemy attacks also see video guides how all this works in practice. Even if you are an advanced worth repeating some knowledge of tutorials posted here. The guides are discussed hitting forehand and backhand as well as how to serve well and perform exercises courts. If you have already know the basic guides learn how well you play tennis with these tips

Tennis Tips & Tricks

Do you want to improve your game of tennis? In this section will show you tips tennis so you even better. See my list of tips courts and see how to win against any opponent. Pay attention to elements such as self-confidence and effective technique in the tutorial to see how to avoid basic mistakes and on how to correctly set up and use doubles strategy view is just one click

Reviews Tips

In this section you will find interesting to review products such as rockets or appropriate shoes for tennis are very important tennis tips because with them you can go to a higher level of play. In addition to the rules of the game of tennis and learn proper technique you should choose the right equipment here are advantages and disadvantages of the popular equipment for tennis. Some of these articles contain what to choose the best tennis racket for beginners as well as a collection of shoes that Jordan tennis are the best. Sometimes even good skills will not help you if you do not have the proper equipment check and choose the right equipment for yourself.

I added new tennis tips each week


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