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Tennis Lessons for Beginners 2017 – Forehand and Backhands Video

Complete Tennis Lessons for Beginners Step by Step

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When you are a beginner and you want to learn tennis should first learn the techniques of forehand and backhand which are the basic elements of the game of tennis.

The basic tennis lessons for beginners should learn and find out what it does volley, so you can start your first game.

Here are some tips for beginners if you want to learn tennis, try to learn the basic hits if you want to learn more see our other article about tennis drills for kids.

Basic style of hitting tennis ball for beginners

Forehand – Tennis Lessons for Beginners 1/7

forehand - tennis lessons for beginners

Position open feet almost parallel to the end line (used on faster ones surfaces, or in the case of an insignificant amount of time to set up to hit). You can make a reflection of the rocket head lifted to the top (vertical position rocket). Try to do a small loop and put his head under the ball rockets. You hit the ball in front of you turning a little wrist to give the ball rotation. At the moment of contact with the ball hand should be straight and the shoulders and hips doing the rotation in the direction of the ball – “input on the ball.” Movement of the hand finishing widely almost touching left shoulder.

Backhand – Tennis Lessons for Beginners 2/7

backhand forehand - tennis lessons for beginners

We should to hit backhand always in the closed position of the body weight on the right leg. It is possible to position open but only for an insignificant amount of time to react to the incoming ball. The setting for right-handed playing with one hand. Set foot with the right leg. Right shoulder is parallel to the net. The coup we do with head held high rocket. Through a loop rocket aimed under ball. Contact with the ball held in front of the body with simultaneous rotation of the shoulder line and straightening arm. The right hand ends high above the line of the shoulders.

Slice – Tennis Lessons for Beginners 3/7

Slice hit tennis for beginners

We lead rocket left arm holding the handle continental. At the moment of impact we conduct rocket forward and a little down from the top. Finishing movement open rocket. We turn the ball in front of you on the low bent legs. The ball gets descending rotation, and as a result accelerates making big problems to the opponent.

Drop shot – Tennis Lessons for Beginners 4/7

Drop shot

Setting how to the slice we do long movement by reducing it at the last moment and opening rocket. We use a hit when we are pushed to the defensive, or to change the rhythm of the game.

Serve – Tennis Lessons for Beginners 5/7

serve tennis for beginners

Service flat we first service is free rotation. We give ball as the biggest power and speed.

Kick service: ball we throw almost back in time we conduct hit rocket right wrist turning out. Ball rebounded “explodes” to the top.

Slice : ball we throw to the right trying to keep the longest rocket contact with the ball. Ball rebounded “escapes” to the left.

Volley – Tennis Lessons for Beginners 6/7

volley tennis for beginners

A volley backhand’s and forehand’s: body and legs must are parallel to the net. We hold rocket handle continental. Hitting occurs before him without a the attack. Contact with the ball should coincide with the entry right or left foot on the ball.

Stop volley – Tennis Lessons for Beginners 7/7

Stop Volley

The same setting body like a traditional volley but the hand of the rocket operate on the principle of the shock absorber. We use a blow to the case when the opponent is thrown out of court or play a ball plunging us right behind the net legs.

How to learn Forehand and Backhand a simple way for beginners

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Tennis for beginners is really simple enough to want

If you have questions write a comment we will try to answer every question

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