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4 Basic Tennis Games Exercises for Kids & Beginners

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best tennis games for kids review

1. You are a parent and you’re looking for a great workout tennis for your children?

2. You are the coach and you’re looking for interesting tennis games for kids?

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Tennis lessons for young children can be very difficult if we want our children to develop a passion for tennis worth to use tennis games for kids these are specially prepared exercises for our kids that have increased their skills and passion for the game of tennis.

At the beginning of the adventure with tennis should prepare our children from proper mental attitude and physical health This will allow for faster development of our children and their self-confidence during the game.

Below we present some interesting tennis games for kids that the parents you can recommend to the coach. These are simple games for children aged up to 15 years life general development having to acquaint your children with sport which is to tennis.


High Five Volleys – First Tennis Game for kids

High Five Volleys exercise is ideal for small children under 6 years of age. Set the children along the net. Selected by the coach leader is running in front of the net and elevates his hand with a racket in the air. Then the children at the opposite side of the net touching the racket leader their racket or hand so that are habituated to moving rockets. The leader can throw up to 5 times your tennis ball on racket other children. High Five Volleys exercise allows children to acquire the physical condition as well as correctly set the rocket at the right angle, very useful exercise. If you’re older and you’re looking for tips necessary to check our article about tennis lessons for beginners

See one of the versions of the game on youtube

Triangle Game – Second Tennis Game for kids

Triangle Game is one of the most interesting tennis games for kids. The game consists in dividing the players into two teams consisting of at least two players from each team. Each team forms a triangle point on the net and leave at least one player at the edge of the line side. Start hitting the ball to other players. When a team scores a goal both teams go through to the next position. Triangle Game teaches children to respond quickly when playing these skills are useful in a real duel court.

Ring Around the Rosie – Third Tennis Game for kids

For this exercise you will need a minimum of 3 children. At the beginning children should stand around a group leader or teacher of tennis in a distance of about 5 meters. Group leader starts the game by hitting the ball to the other participants. After contacting the ball, the child should hit the ball back and bounce to the group leader. The leader repeats the strike to other players the game in random order objective of this tennis games for kids is to learn children anticipate where the ball will fly.

Agility Ladder Drill – Final Tennis Game for kids

With tennis players have to be flexible and fast. The exercise Agility Ladder Drill helps players improve their physical condition and performance. For this exercise you will need a long ladder specially prepared under this exercise in which holes the field will show this tennis game for kids. The player should stand sideways to the ladder then quickly move his foot to the other box the ladder up to the end. For the older players, you can use a regular ladder, however, for small children we recommend the ladder of ropes that will prevent injuries among children

Here you will find the version for slightly older players but you can use it in your game 🙂

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