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Best Table Tennis Tips for Beginners and Advanced Players

Table Tennis Tips And Techniques review

If you started to play tennis regularly then you know that this is not an easy game. Table tennis requires tremendous speed and precision of movement and also requires us to really good condition: on average advanced players can burn during training over 800 calories

The basis for progress and development in the game is a regular workout will show you some interesting table tennis tips. If you do not train under the supervision of a professional player or coach you can learn wrong habits. At the beginning of your adventure with table tennis should focus on fundamental elements of the game such as:

1.The first part of the training is to work the legs – a good tennis player is characterized by not only the skill and high mobility around the table tennis. Remember you are not able to win the match only working alone with your hand a lot depends on your physical condition.

2. Do not stand too close to the table and move! Try to stand firmly on his feet does not lean on the fingers after hitting try to get back to the basic position to pick up the enemy counterattack. If you do not have the forces in training is a sign that you completed your training with new exercises stamina some interesting training to training with racket: cycling, swimming, running.

3. Backhand – most players do not fully use the potential of backhand and hits the most of the time with the forehand. Mastering to a good degree of hitting backhand requires specially prepared exercises that we find, among other things on youtube a link to an interesting video that teaches you correct operation of the backhand. Each player should take at least one workout a week to practice this strike.

4. Mastering does not, depending on your development do not let yourself nerves. The best way to a good game is to focus and calmness – not look at the current situation and analyze the game while playing it – just play that one ball as best as you can and certainly the effect will be satisfactory

5. Striking the right side of the rocket, you are sure to hit the ball down the rocket if you have more control over her. Most of the beginners often loses control of the ball hitting the side of the rocket. If you have not your racket please read review rockets tennis when you use a better rocket your game will be much better

6. You should use different tactics – often if you play with the same opponent you can adjust the level of play to him – it is does not very safe.

7. If your opponent has a problem with curled balls will be able to use it often, but you will not have a chance to train moves the data that will be useful to you in the fight against other opponents. In conclusion try to often change tactics

8. Our equipment – good rocket is absolutely a basis some interesting you will find in this tab, but in addition to the rocket you also need suitable clothes and shoes we recommend sports shoes that work well stick to the floor. For each workout take away with them all their kit and a towel which will allow you to get rid of the sweat.

Finally, try to use this table tennis tips and tricks to improve your skills in table tennis. I wrote the above examples are only a few tips that are worth attention.

I share interesting some table tennis tips in youtube

check them out if you are a beginner 🙂

Thanks for reading I invite you to comment and leave a comment, what tips you recommend?


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