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Best Tennis Camps for Adults 2017 – train tennis with professionals

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Do you want to improve your tennis skills on holiday? On the page you will find the top 5 adult tennis camp in the USA. Each of the camp offers a high comfort of the hotel a lot of quality equipment and a pleasant learning atmosphere. Select a location for yourself and start to improve your skills

Omni Amelia Tennis Island Plantation Resort, Florida

Omni Amelia Tennis Island Plantation Resort, Florida

The first camp that we recommend is located in Florida on the island of Amelia Island. Designed program for study is at a very high level is among the highest in Florida. Camp adult tennis camp has also been honored by World Tennis Travel on the tennis court were training a lot of popular people like Agnieszka Radwanska, Roger Federer.

Tennis court program for adults is carried all the year round at more than 15 objects which are located in the center we find there open and closed courts also find a luxury hotel with pool and spa, in the evening you can use the night charm of the city and out to the nearby clubs for adults.

This tennis camps for adults is available from $ 100 per day for which let choose to purchase accommodation or sleeping in a tent. If you want to order adult tennis camp for the summer you want to do it now and book your stay. The whole package of learning adult tennis camp is available for $ 1,800 per person including this accommodation

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Longboat Key Tennis Club, Florida

Longboat Key Tennis Club, Florida

The resort tennis Longboat Key Club is also located in Florida has been recognized as one of the largest TOP 10 adult tennis camp we can find on him more than 20 tennis courts with high-quality lighting.

Tennis camps for adults in Longboat Key Club offers luxurious apartments and the location is right at the edge of the sea. Tennis center also provides access to the nearby beach, golf course and spa.

Packages tennis for adults are prepared every year to ensure you have enough space to pre-book on the contact page Longboat Key Club ordering even half a year prior to our arrivalwe can receive up to 50% discount on tennis camp for adults.

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John Newcombe Tennis Ranch, Texas

John Newcombe Tennis Ranch, Texas

John Newcombe Tennis Ranch is one of the largest school tennis for adults in Texas all the tennis courts are located on a ranch that provides an interesting atmosphere workout and also gives you the opportunity to invite friends to watch our fights. The resort organizes various adult tennis camp as well as offering a full rest for everyone who enjoys the adrenaline.

Tennis camps at the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch are relatively inexpensive compared to camps in Florida here counts family atmosphere where you can spend with your family all day.

7 days tennis camps for adults costing less than $ 800 per person in the price of accommodation in the apartment and meal dinner. I would recommend to anyone hesitant tennis camp.

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Omni Rancho Tennis Las Palmas Spa & Resort, California

Omni Rancho Tennis Las Palmas Spa & Resort, California

Omni Rancho Las Palmas Spa is located in California resort is very luxurious we find there many spa and swimming pools that allow us to relax after a workout tennis. The resort is an oasis in the middle of the desert in 2015 the building was modernized and have been built and new tennis and has also been improved design hotel.

Omni Rancho creates tennis camps for adults over 10 years and is one of the leaders have already been trained there over 2000 thousands of tennis players from different countries. In the complex you will find 25 indoor and outdoor tennis that we can use whenever we want at night courts are lighted so that we can train tennis even in the evening. In summary Omni Rancho Las Palmas is the ideal place for couples and for people who want to improve their tennis skills, the resort is one of the best in the TOP 50 tennis camps for adults.

3 hours per day playing tennis are available at the price of $ 320 which includes the teacher’s assistance tennis.

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Saddlebrook Resort, Florida

Saddlebrook Resort, Florida

The last of the adult tennis camp which is present in the guide Saddlebrook Resort is my favorite place in Florida has many tennis courts with all the camps in its offer provides for its players more than 60 tennis courts quality. In the camp Saddlebrook Resort train learn best tennis like Pete Sampras. The resort normally offers luxury accommodation, a spa and many sights on the property.

The prices at Saddlebrook Resort adult tennis camp starting at $ 320 per person per day in the composition of which includes six hours of training under the supervision of licensed tennis coaches, lunch and dinner as well as the possibility to rent any equipment from the club at no extra charge.

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