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Review of the top 5 best tennis racquet for beginners of less than $ 300

RANKING TOP 5 - beginner tennis racquet

Choose with us your first ” beginner tennis racquet “

The choice of tennis rackets for a beginner is never easy especially since the market there are many models and each one is designed for the player with different skills below are top 5 best rocket for beginners.

Therefore, when we purchase should be directed to: our physical fitness preferred style of play and the level of our skills. In this article we will try to describe the most interesting tennis racquet for beginners and their advantages and disadvantages as well as the price. Have a look how to choosing the right beginner tennis racquet is so, easy

Soon I will elaborate on this topic more advising you on what should consequently pay attention to when buying your first rocket. The more that all the little things such as weight, balance, rigidity – are crucial. Meanwhile, I listed the top 5 models of tennis rackets for beginners which should consequently take a closer look if you plan to purchase racket.

1. Babolat AeroPro Drive GT Racquet Review

Babolat AeroPro Drive GT Racquet Review - your best tennis racquet ranking for beginners

The first rocket which we recommend for beginners is The racquet which tested more than 300 players ATP and WTA. The racquet is equipped with an latest technology, so it features a still better control and efficiency. It also protects against injuries of the elbow and all thanks to the Cortex System technology that absorbs vibrations. An important role in the racket Babolat AeroPro Drive GT also plays Graphite Tungsten system (a combination of graphite and tungsten) suitable rocket stability. Its weight is only 300 grams. The prices racquet starts at $ 159.00 on the site amazon. This is the perfect racquet for beginners players

2. Wilson Pro Staff 97 Racquet Review

Wilson Pro Staff 97 Racquet Review  - your best tennis racquet ranking for beginners

The second rocket which we recommend for beginners is “Pro Staff 97” racquet company wilson. Engineers Wilson’s famous for its high quality products have applied in this model, new technology graphite and Kevlar which significantly contributed to increased comfort and control. Balance rocket has been directed to the handle using technology AmpliFeel360 which allowed achieve even greater dynamics and suppress vibration. The weight of rocket is only 325 g making offers better ball feel. In our ranking of the “Top 5 best tennis racquet for beginners” takes 2nd place

3. Babolat Pulsion 102 Racquet Review

Babolat Pulsion 102 - your best tennis racquet ranking for beginners

This is the cheapest racquet on our list designed for beginning players. Babolat Pulsion 102 is the most popular between products at a similar price. Despite the low price racquet is made of graphite. racquet also offers a balance of 35 cm enabling assign the ball a good dynamics of the game from the depths of the court. Its significance is approximately 260 g. If you do not have much money might be interested in this racket. It is one of the most interesting available at this price tennis racquet for beginners

4. Babolat Pure Drive Play V1 Racquet Review

Babolat Pure Drive Play - your best tennis racquet ranking for beginners

One of the most advanced rocket in our ranking. tennis racket Babolat Pure Drive Play is equipped with a special sensor (mounted in the handle) that collects all the information about the game, such as the number of strokes – forehand, backhand, match service. If you decide to buy this rocket in price of $ 250, we can send your workout statistics on your mobile device using Bluetooth technology. The rocket allows accurate analysis of your game so you can improve your skills. Babolat Pure Drive Play is not only the perfect rocket for beginners but also for intermediate tennis players. It is worth to check Cortex system that guarantees control and dynamic reflections. The weight of rocket is only 290 g. It is definitely one of the best beginner tennis racquet.

5. Head Graphene Prestige S Racquet Review

Head Graphene Prestige S - your best tennis racquet ranking for beginners

Head Youtek Graphene Prestige S is a compromise between price and performance is dedicated to both advanced tennis players as beginners looking for a professional call control and dynamics. Thanks to the use graphene has allowed designers to optimally distribute the weight which has led to an even more powerful rocket with less effort during impacts. What’s more racquet offers full stability and maneuverability. Its weight is 310 grams. This is surely best intermediate tennis racquet at this price.

In conclusion how to choose the best racquet for beginners

Choosing the first rocket to ourselves, let us focus on the ratio of price / quality. Please note that our first rocket will serve us to learn to play tennis and after a while it wears out because it is not worth to overpay. The best tennis racquet for beginners will racquet cheap and durable, such as Babolat Pulsion 102 on our list can be found here – Check full review

And what you had first rocket? Share with us in comments

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