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Best Tennis Camps for Adults 2017 – train tennis with professionals

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Do you want to improve your tennis skills on holiday? On the page you will find the top 5 adult tennis camp in the USA. Each of the camp offers a high comfort of the hotel a lot of quality equipment and a pleasant learning atmosphere. Select a location for yourself and start to improve your skills

Omni Amelia Tennis Island Plantation Resort, Florida

Omni Amelia Tennis Island Plantation Resort, Florida

The first camp that we recommend is located in Florida on the island of Amelia Island. Designed program for study is at a very high level is among the highest in Florida. Camp adult tennis camp has also been honored by World Tennis Travel on the tennis court were training a lot of popular people like Agnieszka Radwanska, Roger Federer.

Tennis court program for adults is carried all the year round at more than 15 objects which are located in the center we find there open and closed courts also find a luxury hotel with pool and spa, in the evening you can use the night charm of the city and out to the nearby clubs for adults.

This tennis camps for adults is available from $ 100 per day for which let choose to purchase accommodation or sleeping in a tent. If you want to order adult tennis camp for the summer you want to do it now and book your stay. The whole package of learning adult tennis camp is available for $ 1,800 per person including this accommodation

See offer adult tennis camp in Omni Amelia Tennis Island Plantation Resort

Longboat Key Tennis Club, Florida

Longboat Key Tennis Club, Florida

The resort tennis Longboat Key Club is also located in Florida has been recognized as one of the largest TOP 10 adult tennis camp we can find on him more than 20 tennis courts with high-quality lighting.

Tennis camps for adults in Longboat Key Club offers luxurious apartments and the location is right at the edge of the sea. Tennis center also provides access to the nearby beach, golf course and spa.

Packages tennis for adults are prepared every year to ensure you have enough space to pre-book on the contact page Longboat Key Club ordering even half a year prior to our arrivalwe can receive up to 50% discount on tennis camp for adults.

See offer adult tennis camp in Longboat Key Tennis Club

John Newcombe Tennis Ranch, Texas

John Newcombe Tennis Ranch, Texas

John Newcombe Tennis Ranch is one of the largest school tennis for adults in Texas all the tennis courts are located on a ranch that provides an interesting atmosphere workout and also gives you the opportunity to invite friends to watch our fights. The resort organizes various adult tennis camp as well as offering a full rest for everyone who enjoys the adrenaline.

Tennis camps at the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch are relatively inexpensive compared to camps in Florida here counts family atmosphere where you can spend with your family all day.

7 days tennis camps for adults costing less than $ 800 per person in the price of accommodation in the apartment and meal dinner. I would recommend to anyone hesitant tennis camp.

See offer adult tennis camp in John Newcombe Tennis Ranch

Omni Rancho Tennis Las Palmas Spa & Resort, California

Omni Rancho Tennis Las Palmas Spa & Resort, California

Omni Rancho Las Palmas Spa is located in California resort is very luxurious we find there many spa and swimming pools that allow us to relax after a workout tennis. The resort is an oasis in the middle of the desert in 2015 the building was modernized and have been built and new tennis and has also been improved design hotel.

Omni Rancho creates tennis camps for adults over 10 years and is one of the leaders have already been trained there over 2000 thousands of tennis players from different countries. In the complex you will find 25 indoor and outdoor tennis that we can use whenever we want at night courts are lighted so that we can train tennis even in the evening. In summary Omni Rancho Las Palmas is the ideal place for couples and for people who want to improve their tennis skills, the resort is one of the best in the TOP 50 tennis camps for adults.

3 hours per day playing tennis are available at the price of $ 320 which includes the teacher’s assistance tennis.

See offer adult tennis camp in Omni Rancho Tennis

Saddlebrook Resort, Florida

Saddlebrook Resort, Florida

The last of the adult tennis camp which is present in the guide Saddlebrook Resort is my favorite place in Florida has many tennis courts with all the camps in its offer provides for its players more than 60 tennis courts quality. In the camp Saddlebrook Resort train learn best tennis like Pete Sampras. The resort normally offers luxury accommodation, a spa and many sights on the property.

The prices at Saddlebrook Resort adult tennis camp starting at $ 320 per person per day in the composition of which includes six hours of training under the supervision of licensed tennis coaches, lunch and dinner as well as the possibility to rent any equipment from the club at no extra charge.

See offer adult tennis camp in Saddlebrook Resort

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Indoor Tennis Courts Reviews

Indoor Tennis Courts Reviews

You are looking for a indoor tennis court to practice your skills and improve your tennis game? Check where you can practice all year round in the US, we present the most indoor tennis courts available at any time. Through the use of indoor courts you have the option of training in dry conditions and well prepared for the summer season. All courts are closed well lit and availability 24 hours a week waiting for new players! Check yourself 6 indoor tennis courts close to each other and select the right one for you.

An interesting solution is the portal on which we’ll go appropriate indoor tennis court near your residence and we can rent it out for hours data. The portal will find more than 100 indoor tennis courts, which can be rented by logging in through the portal, we can get discounts and find a partner to ourselves to play at the appropriate level. Prices start at $ 10 an hour playing at a very good price. The program includes the greatest tennis courts in different states.

Find your tennis court and book –


Other interesting indoor tennis courts in the United States?

Some suggestions

Sheridan Snyder Indoor Tennis Center

Sheridan Snyder Indoor Tennis Center

Sheridan Snyder Tennis Center is one of the largest tennis school in Virginia has more than 12 tennis courts including indoor tennis courts is one of the best facilities in the country with an amazing history. In the Sheridan Snyder Tennis Center we will also find seats for viewing, changing room and training room. Club and indoor courts were opened in 1997, if we fail there, we try to hire the tennis Lady Astor which is close by and also offers tennis at an affordable price – check out the offer here



Charlotte Indoor Tennis Club

Charlotte Indoor Tennis Club

The largest indoor tennis originated in 1973, On the premises we find 10 floodlit tennis year and 6 courts for year-round game in addition, we can use the fitness center very well equipped with machines and burdens



ADDRESS / Reservation

(704) 554-7777

Olympic Indoor Tennis Club

Olympic Indoor Tennis Club

Olympic Indoor Tennis Club offers more than 10 indoor tennis courts as an addition you can leave your children in the care for free if you are a member, if you are not a member you have to pay $ 5. Indoor tennis courts at the Olympic Indoor Tennis Club feature the latest high-tech lighting. Courts are warm, clean and ready to book just call the phone number below



ADDRESS / Reservation
3480 Indianola Ave. / Columbus, OH 43214
(614) 267-1213

Dartmouth Indoor Tennis

Dartmouth Indoor Tennis

Opened in 1962, one of the first to open for every tennis courts. The highest quality tennis and trainers in a relaxed atmosphere, saving the club you get many discounts on rental indoor tennis courts normal price is $ 30 for a member of the club and $ 44 for everyone without a membership card. Many discount on tennis courts awarded to persons under 18 years of age. Using the offer Dartmouth Indoor Tennis get free shampoo and the possibility of using the ball machine as well as the possibility of special discounts in the club shop Dartmouth.

ADDRESS / Reservation

PO Box 70036, 757 State Rd, Dartmouth, MA 02747
(508) 993-4811

See also tennis drills for adults here 

Dover Indoor Tennis

Dover Indoor Tennis

Dover Indoor Tennis Club offers access to over 5 indoor tennis courts throughout the week from 9:00 am-10.00pm, the prices are very favorable, and start at $ 12 per hour, the location is very friendly nearby students. Indoor tennis courts in dover club are very well-lit and well-kept ideal place to practice tennis for everyone!



ADDRESS / Reservation

611 Persimmon Tree Lane Dover, DE 19901
(302) 734-1404

Huntington Indoor Tennis

Huntington Indoor TennisHuntington Indoor Tennis Club offers 6 indoor tennis courts in New York, courts we can be rented from $ 20 per hour and in addition we can use machines and Tennis Club. On the tennis court in Huntington we find good coaches and a lot of famous people who train their hobby. If you want your children to learn tennis Huntington Indoor Tennis is the perfect place




ADDRESS / Reservation

100 Broadway Huntington Station New York 11746
(631) 421-0040

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A collection of tennis tips

Welcome to the website best site for learning how to play tennis on the Internet you will find here tips courts and tricks on how to improve in a simple way your game of tennis. Tennis is not a simple sport as anyone can seem to be a good tennis player you need a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge that you will find on the page. Select the topics that interest you with our collection of guides, thanks for visiting our collection of tennis tips that I hope will be helpful to you

Basics of tennis

Tennis tips player logo

Here you will find all the guides that are on offer guidance tennis you will learn among other things, how to choose a racket for beginners how to play tennis, which is backhand and fronthand. You will learn new skills. All the basic information you find here :

If you are a beginner tennis player you’ve come to the right place for sure you you will find the interesting tips


In this place you will find the guides on how to correctly hit the tennis ball as defend against enemy attacks also see video guides how all this works in practice. Even if you are an advanced worth repeating some knowledge of tutorials posted here. The guides are discussed hitting forehand and backhand as well as how to serve well and perform exercises courts. If you have already know the basic guides learn how well you play tennis with these tips

Tennis Tips & Tricks

Do you want to improve your game of tennis? In this section will show you tips tennis so you even better. See my list of tips courts and see how to win against any opponent. Pay attention to elements such as self-confidence and effective technique in the tutorial to see how to avoid basic mistakes and on how to correctly set up and use doubles strategy view is just one click

Reviews Tips

In this section you will find interesting to review products such as rockets or appropriate shoes for tennis are very important tennis tips because with them you can go to a higher level of play. In addition to the rules of the game of tennis and learn proper technique you should choose the right equipment here are advantages and disadvantages of the popular equipment for tennis. Some of these articles contain what to choose the best tennis racket for beginners as well as a collection of shoes that Jordan tennis are the best. Sometimes even good skills will not help you if you do not have the proper equipment check and choose the right equipment for yourself.

I added new tennis tips each week


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Review 5 Examples of Tenis Shoes from the Company Reebok

reebok tenis shoes review

Every beginner tennis player must have two basic elements in your inventory are: tennis racket and shoes. Choosing the right footwear significantly affects the comfort of the game and the lack of a non-professional equipment may result you to dangerous injury, or result in slower performance on the tennis court so you should think carefully about buying the right equipment the perfect shoes for the beginner offers for us company reebok and launches a series of “reebok tenis” dedicated to tennis players I will look at closer look in this article.

1. Reebok Tenis One Series


Reebok Tenis Series One Preview

The first thing I strikes the eye is a solid execution. Have great respect for Reebok All stitching on the shoes are very accurately executed shoes is very stable and resistant to any kind of dents. Breezy fiber in the upper part of the shoe provides the skin with proper breathing and comfort, even during long training sessions courts.

The shoes are lightweight and gum that constitutes their sole is very resistant to damage. Using the Reebok tennis shoes One Series provides comfort both during training and during duels courts.

Reebok tennis shoes provide maximum contact with the floor. Great absorb so that our training becomes the maximum pleasure. They are flexible and fit well to the shape of our feet. An important advantage is to help jump during service.

Reebok tennis shoes One Series has been tested by the best tennis players such as Roger Federer

Link to Reebok Tenis One Series

Summary :

Appearance: 8/10
Comfort: 8/10
Quality: 9/10
Durability: 8/10

2. Reebok Tenis ONE Cushion Shoes


Reebok Tenis ONE Cushion Shoes Review

Reebok tennis shoes ONE Cushion which is definitely worth devote more attention to. Undermined the position of Nike shoes in my ranking of courts. The company has worked homework and certainly showed that he can create a new brand of shoes designed for tennis players. They still have a lot of work ahead but this model a shoe they showed that if to want it you can really create a good training shoes

The only disadvantage that I noticed is that the shoes in this series are extremely large and, unfortunately, there is no perfect fit foot into the shoe. Supporters perfect fit a shoe are not very happy with this fact.

Link to Reebok Tenis ONE Cushion

Summary :

Appearance: 6/10
Comfort: 8/10
Quality: 7/10
Durability: 9/10

3. Reebok Tenis Shoes RealFlex

Reebok Tenis Shoes RealFlex Review

Tennis shoes Reebok RealFlex are very light so that foot on any surface has been very good. RealFlex are airy and throughout the training court, you have the feeling that your feet breathe that is great feeling for each tennis player. And one more argument which is quite important for every woman: the shoes are just nice and comfortable. The delicate shoes are suitable for daily use you can walk in them even to school compared to Convers shoes foot has a lot of air. RealFlex models dedicated to tennis players are in interesting shapes everyone will find something for themselves.

Tennis shoes Reebok RealFlex Series were designed for those users who prefer a more natural shoes. Shoes are made of natural leather we do not find there any additives such as bows or pillows. However, despite this shoes is very pleasant to training

Link to Reebok Tenis Shoes RealFlex

Summary :

Appearance: 8/10
Comfort: 7/10
Quality: 7/10
Durability: 10/10

4. Reebok Classic Pump Omni Lite Tenis Series

Reebok Classic Pump Omni Lite Tenis Series

One of the oldest shoes in my review of the best tennis shoes company Reebok, despite of their presence already 20 years on the market shoes Omni Lite is still very well make during training court. The shoes are designed more for the beginner tennis player and used we can be bought for a very low price. Using at the beginning of tennis shoes Omni Lite we can complain that they are not comfortable, but after a time of 5 hours of use of these shoes, our foot is get accustomed.

It is worth mentioning that the quality of materials is very good at Omni Lite we find a very good synthetic skin, even stitching and no glue. The shoes are very solid and certainly serve any beginner tennis players

Link to Reebok Classic Pump Omni Lite Tenis Series

Summary :

Appearance: 5/10
Comfort: 9/10
Quality: 9/10
Durability: 6/10

5. Reebok Tenis Furylite Series

Reebok Tenis Furylite Series Review

Model shoes of tennis Furylite are one of the latest proposals the Reebok for professional tennis players. The cult model Instapump Fury got a newer version Furylite shoes are not only lighter, more aggressive and more comfortable than its older model as well as their price is more available for new players. Furylite Reebok sports shoes for sports such as running, tennis or basketball.

Model Furylite is very light is much lighter than of their competitors of the same brand. Minimalist desing gives it a charm which is particularly will appreciate women, Number of elements on the shoe is very minimalist shoes, I can definitely recommend it to anyone tennis players

Link to Reebok Tennis Furylite Series

Summary :

Appearance: 5/10
Comfort: 8/10
Quality: 7/10
Durability: 8/10

Finally I think that everyone will choose the right shoes for yourself. I have given some interesting suggestions series reebok tennis for tennis players undecided, I hope that this will help you make the right decision if you are looking for a good tennis racket for the beginner see our ranking rockets

What are your favorite tennis shoes company Reebok write a comment 🙂


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Best Table Tennis Tips for Beginners and Advanced Players

Table Tennis Tips And Techniques review

If you started to play tennis regularly then you know that this is not an easy game. Table tennis requires tremendous speed and precision of movement and also requires us to really good condition: on average advanced players can burn during training over 800 calories

The basis for progress and development in the game is a regular workout will show you some interesting table tennis tips. If you do not train under the supervision of a professional player or coach you can learn wrong habits. At the beginning of your adventure with table tennis should focus on fundamental elements of the game such as:

1.The first part of the training is to work the legs – a good tennis player is characterized by not only the skill and high mobility around the table tennis. Remember you are not able to win the match only working alone with your hand a lot depends on your physical condition.

2. Do not stand too close to the table and move! Try to stand firmly on his feet does not lean on the fingers after hitting try to get back to the basic position to pick up the enemy counterattack. If you do not have the forces in training is a sign that you completed your training with new exercises stamina some interesting training to training with racket: cycling, swimming, running.

3. Backhand – most players do not fully use the potential of backhand and hits the most of the time with the forehand. Mastering to a good degree of hitting backhand requires specially prepared exercises that we find, among other things on youtube a link to an interesting video that teaches you correct operation of the backhand. Each player should take at least one workout a week to practice this strike.

4. Mastering does not, depending on your development do not let yourself nerves. The best way to a good game is to focus and calmness – not look at the current situation and analyze the game while playing it – just play that one ball as best as you can and certainly the effect will be satisfactory

5. Striking the right side of the rocket, you are sure to hit the ball down the rocket if you have more control over her. Most of the beginners often loses control of the ball hitting the side of the rocket. If you have not your racket please read review rockets tennis when you use a better rocket your game will be much better

6. You should use different tactics – often if you play with the same opponent you can adjust the level of play to him – it is does not very safe.

7. If your opponent has a problem with curled balls will be able to use it often, but you will not have a chance to train moves the data that will be useful to you in the fight against other opponents. In conclusion try to often change tactics

8. Our equipment – good rocket is absolutely a basis some interesting you will find in this tab, but in addition to the rocket you also need suitable clothes and shoes we recommend sports shoes that work well stick to the floor. For each workout take away with them all their kit and a towel which will allow you to get rid of the sweat.

Finally, try to use this table tennis tips and tricks to improve your skills in table tennis. I wrote the above examples are only a few tips that are worth attention.

I share interesting some table tennis tips in youtube

check them out if you are a beginner 🙂

Thanks for reading I invite you to comment and leave a comment, what tips you recommend?


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Train your legs, See my Tennis Drills for Adults Tips and increase your legs

Fun Tennis Drills for Adults & Beginners

Today I’ll show you some tennis drills for adults that will improve your legs. Remember technique is not only important, not only mentality for which the I devoted much time but has a strength training and known to the training it starts from the legs. Playing tennis you have to run to pick up the correct hitting the ball will need properly prepared legs. Trained legs is a recipe for success.

Where to begin leg workout? Of course, the first thing you think is you search google. But for you with my experience I decided share some tennis drills for adults beginners that will help you train your legs perfectly fast and hard

At the beginning I would recommend anyone read the legendary player Ron Wait that on his website reshared interesting tips and exercises for adult players. There you will find a complete leg workout broken down for the whole week I definitely recommend reading this if you do not have experience with training legs.

And so we move what are the best tennis drills for adults ?

Golden ways for progress? Of course there are no such methods but there are a few best training plans leg for adults that I can recommend to anyone. With training the legs will improve your fitness which will usher in a better performance of our games. Most of you at the beginning of the beginning of ropes as well but I have to put in front of you new targets check out new exercises.

The complete leg workout :

  1. Run ahead.
  2. The period ahead.
  3. Full Gallop.
  4. Full Gallop (second page).
  5. Run back.
  6. Run ahead.
  7. Crossover.
  8. Crossover (second page).
  9. Run back.
  10. Run ahead.

In the above video was presented in both crossover-step and side-step. It is worth to watch it 🙂

Quite a few these exercises, but you have nothing to worry about quickly master the basic exercises and you will not have to spend a lot of time on it. At the beginning focus on the sprints at maximum your own pace so will help you play more accurately for a long time during the match.

An interesting exercise tennis drills for adults Tennis Agility is the ideal leg exercise for beginners – See also other exercises tennis drills for kids & beginners

To the subject of training the legs and tennis drills for adults For sure I will come back yet on my blog. You now use the known leg exercises to your workout will definitely notice a difference and defeat their rivals.


searches results tags by :

group tennis drills for adults
tennis drills for adults
tennis drills for advanced players

And what are your best leg exercises? leave a comment

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4 Basic Tennis Games Exercises for Kids & Beginners

So, easy 🙂

best tennis games for kids review

1. You are a parent and you’re looking for a great workout tennis for your children?

2. You are the coach and you’re looking for interesting tennis games for kids?

Be sure to check our article 🙂

You will find interesting exercises courts for young children, See more…


Tennis lessons for young children can be very difficult if we want our children to develop a passion for tennis worth to use tennis games for kids these are specially prepared exercises for our kids that have increased their skills and passion for the game of tennis.

At the beginning of the adventure with tennis should prepare our children from proper mental attitude and physical health This will allow for faster development of our children and their self-confidence during the game.

Below we present some interesting tennis games for kids that the parents you can recommend to the coach. These are simple games for children aged up to 15 years life general development having to acquaint your children with sport which is to tennis.


High Five Volleys – First Tennis Game for kids

High Five Volleys exercise is ideal for small children under 6 years of age. Set the children along the net. Selected by the coach leader is running in front of the net and elevates his hand with a racket in the air. Then the children at the opposite side of the net touching the racket leader their racket or hand so that are habituated to moving rockets. The leader can throw up to 5 times your tennis ball on racket other children. High Five Volleys exercise allows children to acquire the physical condition as well as correctly set the rocket at the right angle, very useful exercise. If you’re older and you’re looking for tips necessary to check our article about tennis lessons for beginners

See one of the versions of the game on youtube

Triangle Game – Second Tennis Game for kids

Triangle Game is one of the most interesting tennis games for kids. The game consists in dividing the players into two teams consisting of at least two players from each team. Each team forms a triangle point on the net and leave at least one player at the edge of the line side. Start hitting the ball to other players. When a team scores a goal both teams go through to the next position. Triangle Game teaches children to respond quickly when playing these skills are useful in a real duel court.

Ring Around the Rosie – Third Tennis Game for kids

For this exercise you will need a minimum of 3 children. At the beginning children should stand around a group leader or teacher of tennis in a distance of about 5 meters. Group leader starts the game by hitting the ball to the other participants. After contacting the ball, the child should hit the ball back and bounce to the group leader. The leader repeats the strike to other players the game in random order objective of this tennis games for kids is to learn children anticipate where the ball will fly.

Agility Ladder Drill – Final Tennis Game for kids

With tennis players have to be flexible and fast. The exercise Agility Ladder Drill helps players improve their physical condition and performance. For this exercise you will need a long ladder specially prepared under this exercise in which holes the field will show this tennis game for kids. The player should stand sideways to the ladder then quickly move his foot to the other box the ladder up to the end. For the older players, you can use a regular ladder, however, for small children we recommend the ladder of ropes that will prevent injuries among children

Here you will find the version for slightly older players but you can use it in your game 🙂


You are looking for good shoes for the kids to tennis check tenis jordan 2014 collection

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Review Best Shoes From The Collection Tenis Jordan 2014

tenis michael jordan 2014 collection para mujer

In this article you will find the latest shoes with the continuation of a series of tenis michael jordan 2014 para mujer for women and men. Six of the most interesting models that symbolize the legend of the player michael jordan

Air Jordan 9 Retro Space Jam – Tenis Jordan 2014 Collection 1/6

Air Jordan 9 Retro Space Jam - tenis jordan para mujer

The release of Air Jordan shoes 9 has taken place in the First sporting retirement of Michael Jordan. Thanks to the unique soles of shoes look elegant and icon refers to the world popularity of Michael Jordan. Shoes Air Jordan 9 shoes are cult although it has never been worn by Michael Jordan on the court. Now, Air Jordan 9 come back in its original form with reinforced plastic soles, the classic Nike Air logo on the insert and elegant white, black and red colors. These are some of the first shoes from the collection of tenis jordan 2014

Air Jordan 14 Retro Oxidized Green – Tenis Michael Jordan 2014 Collection 2/6

Air Jordan 14 Retro Oxidized Green - tenis jordan de mujer

The main features of the Air Jordan 14 from the collection of tennis jordan 2014 which gained fame during the final matches in 1997. This zone ventilation with breezy mesh on the outer sole, two gas cushions Zoom Air asymmetric indentation in the area of the ankle and 13 symbols Jumpman. The appearance shoes – designed so that it lived up to the needs of one of the best athletes in the world – you can see the inspiration cars of the highest class.

Today, after many years, the model of Air Jordan 14 is back in its original version. White, black, bright sea green and blue expressly refer to the original model.

AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO – Tenis Michael Jordan 2014 Collection 3/6

AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO - tenis michael jordan 2014

From before you Air Jordan I Retro or shoes that launched a series of tenis jordan 2014. For the first time it is shown in 1983 that is a very very long time ago when most of you have not yet been in the world. Michael Jordan did not want to wear them on the court because in his opinion were “devilish designs.”

Today, after 32 years we can confidently say that the Air Jordan I Retro are the object of a cult sneakerheads in the world, not only in the US.

Nike Air More Uptempo – Tenis Jordan 2014 Collection 4/6

Nike Air More Uptempo review - tenis jordan para mujer

In 1995 was made the cult model Air More Uptempo Nike Company today is a continuation of the brand tennis jordan. Shoes were worn by Scottie Pippen and was designed by Wilson Smith remained true to classics of the 90s Featuring bold high silhouette with an enormous sign AIR Nike running through the entire length and height of the inner and outer side of the shoe. Number 8 corresponds to the number Scotty in the national team of the United States. These are some of the most interesting shoes collections.

Air Jordan 5 Retro Metallic Silver – Tenis Michael Jordan 2014 Collection 5/6

Air Jordan 5 Retro Metallic Silver Review

Collection “Metallic Pack” was established in honor of next important chapter of the biography of Michael Jordan, referring to the Olympic medals. Shoes Air Jordan 5 Retro Metallic designed with the inspiration of the first of four Olympic medals are one of the favorite model of shoes fans a appeal to the silver medal of the Olympic Games.

This retro model is largely consistent with the prototype color worn by Michael Jordan. Black and red desing looks really impressive and for that red Jumpman logo and the logo “Nike Air” in the shoe sole. Collection tennis jordan 2014 “Metallic Pack” are some of the most famous models of the collection.

Air Jordan 10 Retro Low Gold – Tenis Jordan 2014 Collection 6/6

Air Jordan 10 Retro Low Gold

Applied in the model of Air Jordan 10 patent leather quickly has been the hallmark of this series shoes – never before, no one wore shoes so shiny glow. Latest edition model of Air Jordan 10 shines an even more through colors referring to the victory held in this year in the competition. Gold design with patent leather symbolizes the most coveted trophy in international competition at the Olympic Games. At the bottom of the shoe is a transparent blue outsole combined with black elements. Is not beautiful are these shoes?

Finally, what are your favorite shoes of this brand leave a comment


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Review of the top 5 best tennis racquet for beginners of less than $ 300

RANKING TOP 5 - beginner tennis racquet

Choose with us your first ” beginner tennis racquet “

The choice of tennis rackets for a beginner is never easy especially since the market there are many models and each one is designed for the player with different skills below are top 5 best rocket for beginners.

Therefore, when we purchase should be directed to: our physical fitness preferred style of play and the level of our skills. In this article we will try to describe the most interesting tennis racquet for beginners and their advantages and disadvantages as well as the price. Have a look how to choosing the right beginner tennis racquet is so, easy

Soon I will elaborate on this topic more advising you on what should consequently pay attention to when buying your first rocket. The more that all the little things such as weight, balance, rigidity – are crucial. Meanwhile, I listed the top 5 models of tennis rackets for beginners which should consequently take a closer look if you plan to purchase racket.

1. Babolat AeroPro Drive GT Racquet Review

Babolat AeroPro Drive GT Racquet Review - your best tennis racquet ranking for beginners

The first rocket which we recommend for beginners is The racquet which tested more than 300 players ATP and WTA. The racquet is equipped with an latest technology, so it features a still better control and efficiency. It also protects against injuries of the elbow and all thanks to the Cortex System technology that absorbs vibrations. An important role in the racket Babolat AeroPro Drive GT also plays Graphite Tungsten system (a combination of graphite and tungsten) suitable rocket stability. Its weight is only 300 grams. The prices racquet starts at $ 159.00 on the site amazon. This is the perfect racquet for beginners players

2. Wilson Pro Staff 97 Racquet Review

Wilson Pro Staff 97 Racquet Review  - your best tennis racquet ranking for beginners

The second rocket which we recommend for beginners is “Pro Staff 97” racquet company wilson. Engineers Wilson’s famous for its high quality products have applied in this model, new technology graphite and Kevlar which significantly contributed to increased comfort and control. Balance rocket has been directed to the handle using technology AmpliFeel360 which allowed achieve even greater dynamics and suppress vibration. The weight of rocket is only 325 g making offers better ball feel. In our ranking of the “Top 5 best tennis racquet for beginners” takes 2nd place

3. Babolat Pulsion 102 Racquet Review

Babolat Pulsion 102 - your best tennis racquet ranking for beginners

This is the cheapest racquet on our list designed for beginning players. Babolat Pulsion 102 is the most popular between products at a similar price. Despite the low price racquet is made of graphite. racquet also offers a balance of 35 cm enabling assign the ball a good dynamics of the game from the depths of the court. Its significance is approximately 260 g. If you do not have much money might be interested in this racket. It is one of the most interesting available at this price tennis racquet for beginners

4. Babolat Pure Drive Play V1 Racquet Review

Babolat Pure Drive Play - your best tennis racquet ranking for beginners

One of the most advanced rocket in our ranking. tennis racket Babolat Pure Drive Play is equipped with a special sensor (mounted in the handle) that collects all the information about the game, such as the number of strokes – forehand, backhand, match service. If you decide to buy this rocket in price of $ 250, we can send your workout statistics on your mobile device using Bluetooth technology. The rocket allows accurate analysis of your game so you can improve your skills. Babolat Pure Drive Play is not only the perfect rocket for beginners but also for intermediate tennis players. It is worth to check Cortex system that guarantees control and dynamic reflections. The weight of rocket is only 290 g. It is definitely one of the best beginner tennis racquet.

5. Head Graphene Prestige S Racquet Review

Head Graphene Prestige S - your best tennis racquet ranking for beginners

Head Youtek Graphene Prestige S is a compromise between price and performance is dedicated to both advanced tennis players as beginners looking for a professional call control and dynamics. Thanks to the use graphene has allowed designers to optimally distribute the weight which has led to an even more powerful rocket with less effort during impacts. What’s more racquet offers full stability and maneuverability. Its weight is 310 grams. This is surely best intermediate tennis racquet at this price.

In conclusion how to choose the best racquet for beginners

Choosing the first rocket to ourselves, let us focus on the ratio of price / quality. Please note that our first rocket will serve us to learn to play tennis and after a while it wears out because it is not worth to overpay. The best tennis racquet for beginners will racquet cheap and durable, such as Babolat Pulsion 102 on our list can be found here – Check full review

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Complete Tennis Lessons for Beginners Step by Step

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When you are a beginner and you want to learn tennis should first learn the techniques of forehand and backhand which are the basic elements of the game of tennis.

The basic tennis lessons for beginners should learn and find out what it does volley, so you can start your first game.

Here are some tips for beginners if you want to learn tennis, try to learn the basic hits if you want to learn more see our other article about tennis drills for kids.

Basic style of hitting tennis ball for beginners

Forehand – Tennis Lessons for Beginners 1/7

forehand - tennis lessons for beginners

Position open feet almost parallel to the end line (used on faster ones surfaces, or in the case of an insignificant amount of time to set up to hit). You can make a reflection of the rocket head lifted to the top (vertical position rocket). Try to do a small loop and put his head under the ball rockets. You hit the ball in front of you turning a little wrist to give the ball rotation. At the moment of contact with the ball hand should be straight and the shoulders and hips doing the rotation in the direction of the ball – “input on the ball.” Movement of the hand finishing widely almost touching left shoulder.

Backhand – Tennis Lessons for Beginners 2/7

backhand forehand - tennis lessons for beginners

We should to hit backhand always in the closed position of the body weight on the right leg. It is possible to position open but only for an insignificant amount of time to react to the incoming ball. The setting for right-handed playing with one hand. Set foot with the right leg. Right shoulder is parallel to the net. The coup we do with head held high rocket. Through a loop rocket aimed under ball. Contact with the ball held in front of the body with simultaneous rotation of the shoulder line and straightening arm. The right hand ends high above the line of the shoulders.

Slice – Tennis Lessons for Beginners 3/7

Slice hit tennis for beginners

We lead rocket left arm holding the handle continental. At the moment of impact we conduct rocket forward and a little down from the top. Finishing movement open rocket. We turn the ball in front of you on the low bent legs. The ball gets descending rotation, and as a result accelerates making big problems to the opponent.

Drop shot – Tennis Lessons for Beginners 4/7

Drop shot

Setting how to the slice we do long movement by reducing it at the last moment and opening rocket. We use a hit when we are pushed to the defensive, or to change the rhythm of the game.

Serve – Tennis Lessons for Beginners 5/7

serve tennis for beginners

Service flat we first service is free rotation. We give ball as the biggest power and speed.

Kick service: ball we throw almost back in time we conduct hit rocket right wrist turning out. Ball rebounded “explodes” to the top.

Slice : ball we throw to the right trying to keep the longest rocket contact with the ball. Ball rebounded “escapes” to the left.

Volley – Tennis Lessons for Beginners 6/7

volley tennis for beginners

A volley backhand’s and forehand’s: body and legs must are parallel to the net. We hold rocket handle continental. Hitting occurs before him without a the attack. Contact with the ball should coincide with the entry right or left foot on the ball.

Stop volley – Tennis Lessons for Beginners 7/7

Stop Volley

The same setting body like a traditional volley but the hand of the rocket operate on the principle of the shock absorber. We use a blow to the case when the opponent is thrown out of court or play a ball plunging us right behind the net legs.

How to learn Forehand and Backhand a simple way for beginners

See also tennis lessons step by step video guide

Tennis for beginners is really simple enough to want

If you have questions write a comment we will try to answer every question

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