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Review 5 Examples of Tenis Shoes from the Company Reebok

reebok tenis shoes review

Every beginner tennis player must have two basic elements in your inventory are: tennis racket and shoes. Choosing the right footwear significantly affects the comfort of the game and the lack of a non-professional equipment may result you to dangerous injury, or result in slower performance on the tennis court so you should think carefully about buying the right equipment the perfect shoes for the beginner offers for us company reebok and launches a series of “reebok tenis” dedicated to tennis players I will look at closer look in this article.

1. Reebok Tenis One Series


Reebok Tenis Series One Preview

The first thing I strikes the eye is a solid execution. Have great respect for Reebok All stitching on the shoes are very accurately executed shoes is very stable and resistant to any kind of dents. Breezy fiber in the upper part of the shoe provides the skin with proper breathing and comfort, even during long training sessions courts.

The shoes are lightweight and gum that constitutes their sole is very resistant to damage. Using the Reebok tennis shoes One Series provides comfort both during training and during duels courts.

Reebok tennis shoes provide maximum contact with the floor. Great absorb so that our training becomes the maximum pleasure. They are flexible and fit well to the shape of our feet. An important advantage is to help jump during service.

Reebok tennis shoes One Series has been tested by the best tennis players such as Roger Federer

Link to Reebok Tenis One Series

Summary :

Appearance: 8/10
Comfort: 8/10
Quality: 9/10
Durability: 8/10

2. Reebok Tenis ONE Cushion Shoes


Reebok Tenis ONE Cushion Shoes Review

Reebok tennis shoes ONE Cushion which is definitely worth devote more attention to. Undermined the position of Nike shoes in my ranking of courts. The company has worked homework and certainly showed that he can create a new brand of shoes designed for tennis players. They still have a lot of work ahead but this model a shoe they showed that if to want it you can really create a good training shoes

The only disadvantage that I noticed is that the shoes in this series are extremely large and, unfortunately, there is no perfect fit foot into the shoe. Supporters perfect fit a shoe are not very happy with this fact.

Link to Reebok Tenis ONE Cushion

Summary :

Appearance: 6/10
Comfort: 8/10
Quality: 7/10
Durability: 9/10

3. Reebok Tenis Shoes RealFlex

Reebok Tenis Shoes RealFlex Review

Tennis shoes Reebok RealFlex are very light so that foot on any surface has been very good. RealFlex are airy and throughout the training court, you have the feeling that your feet breathe that is great feeling for each tennis player. And one more argument which is quite important for every woman: the shoes are just nice and comfortable. The delicate shoes are suitable for daily use you can walk in them even to school compared to Convers shoes foot has a lot of air. RealFlex models dedicated to tennis players are in interesting shapes everyone will find something for themselves.

Tennis shoes Reebok RealFlex Series were designed for those users who prefer a more natural shoes. Shoes are made of natural leather we do not find there any additives such as bows or pillows. However, despite this shoes is very pleasant to training

Link to Reebok Tenis Shoes RealFlex

Summary :

Appearance: 8/10
Comfort: 7/10
Quality: 7/10
Durability: 10/10

4. Reebok Classic Pump Omni Lite Tenis Series

Reebok Classic Pump Omni Lite Tenis Series

One of the oldest shoes in my review of the best tennis shoes company Reebok, despite of their presence already 20 years on the market shoes Omni Lite is still very well make during training court. The shoes are designed more for the beginner tennis player and used we can be bought for a very low price. Using at the beginning of tennis shoes Omni Lite we can complain that they are not comfortable, but after a time of 5 hours of use of these shoes, our foot is get accustomed.

It is worth mentioning that the quality of materials is very good at Omni Lite we find a very good synthetic skin, even stitching and no glue. The shoes are very solid and certainly serve any beginner tennis players

Link to Reebok Classic Pump Omni Lite Tenis Series

Summary :

Appearance: 5/10
Comfort: 9/10
Quality: 9/10
Durability: 6/10

5. Reebok Tenis Furylite Series

Reebok Tenis Furylite Series Review

Model shoes of tennis Furylite are one of the latest proposals the Reebok for professional tennis players. The cult model Instapump Fury got a newer version Furylite shoes are not only lighter, more aggressive and more comfortable than its older model as well as their price is more available for new players. Furylite Reebok sports shoes for sports such as running, tennis or basketball.

Model Furylite is very light is much lighter than of their competitors of the same brand. Minimalist desing gives it a charm which is particularly will appreciate women, Number of elements on the shoe is very minimalist shoes, I can definitely recommend it to anyone tennis players

Link to Reebok Tennis Furylite Series

Summary :

Appearance: 5/10
Comfort: 8/10
Quality: 7/10
Durability: 8/10

Finally I think that everyone will choose the right shoes for yourself. I have given some interesting suggestions series reebok tennis for tennis players undecided, I hope that this will help you make the right decision if you are looking for a good tennis racket for the beginner see our ranking rockets

What are your favorite tennis shoes company Reebok write a comment 🙂


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Review Best Shoes From The Collection Tenis Jordan 2014

tenis michael jordan 2014 collection para mujer

In this article you will find the latest shoes with the continuation of a series of tenis michael jordan 2014 para mujer for women and men. Six of the most interesting models that symbolize the legend of the player michael jordan

Air Jordan 9 Retro Space Jam – Tenis Jordan 2014 Collection 1/6

Air Jordan 9 Retro Space Jam - tenis jordan para mujer

The release of Air Jordan shoes 9 has taken place in the First sporting retirement of Michael Jordan. Thanks to the unique soles of shoes look elegant and icon refers to the world popularity of Michael Jordan. Shoes Air Jordan 9 shoes are cult although it has never been worn by Michael Jordan on the court. Now, Air Jordan 9 come back in its original form with reinforced plastic soles, the classic Nike Air logo on the insert and elegant white, black and red colors. These are some of the first shoes from the collection of tenis jordan 2014

Air Jordan 14 Retro Oxidized Green – Tenis Michael Jordan 2014 Collection 2/6

Air Jordan 14 Retro Oxidized Green - tenis jordan de mujer

The main features of the Air Jordan 14 from the collection of tennis jordan 2014 which gained fame during the final matches in 1997. This zone ventilation with breezy mesh on the outer sole, two gas cushions Zoom Air asymmetric indentation in the area of the ankle and 13 symbols Jumpman. The appearance shoes – designed so that it lived up to the needs of one of the best athletes in the world – you can see the inspiration cars of the highest class.

Today, after many years, the model of Air Jordan 14 is back in its original version. White, black, bright sea green and blue expressly refer to the original model.

AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO – Tenis Michael Jordan 2014 Collection 3/6

AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO - tenis michael jordan 2014

From before you Air Jordan I Retro or shoes that launched a series of tenis jordan 2014. For the first time it is shown in 1983 that is a very very long time ago when most of you have not yet been in the world. Michael Jordan did not want to wear them on the court because in his opinion were “devilish designs.”

Today, after 32 years we can confidently say that the Air Jordan I Retro are the object of a cult sneakerheads in the world, not only in the US.

Nike Air More Uptempo – Tenis Jordan 2014 Collection 4/6

Nike Air More Uptempo review - tenis jordan para mujer

In 1995 was made the cult model Air More Uptempo Nike Company today is a continuation of the brand tennis jordan. Shoes were worn by Scottie Pippen and was designed by Wilson Smith remained true to classics of the 90s Featuring bold high silhouette with an enormous sign AIR Nike running through the entire length and height of the inner and outer side of the shoe. Number 8 corresponds to the number Scotty in the national team of the United States. These are some of the most interesting shoes collections.

Air Jordan 5 Retro Metallic Silver – Tenis Michael Jordan 2014 Collection 5/6

Air Jordan 5 Retro Metallic Silver Review

Collection “Metallic Pack” was established in honor of next important chapter of the biography of Michael Jordan, referring to the Olympic medals. Shoes Air Jordan 5 Retro Metallic designed with the inspiration of the first of four Olympic medals are one of the favorite model of shoes fans a appeal to the silver medal of the Olympic Games.

This retro model is largely consistent with the prototype color worn by Michael Jordan. Black and red desing looks really impressive and for that red Jumpman logo and the logo “Nike Air” in the shoe sole. Collection tennis jordan 2014 “Metallic Pack” are some of the most famous models of the collection.

Air Jordan 10 Retro Low Gold – Tenis Jordan 2014 Collection 6/6

Air Jordan 10 Retro Low Gold

Applied in the model of Air Jordan 10 patent leather quickly has been the hallmark of this series shoes – never before, no one wore shoes so shiny glow. Latest edition model of Air Jordan 10 shines an even more through colors referring to the victory held in this year in the competition. Gold design with patent leather symbolizes the most coveted trophy in international competition at the Olympic Games. At the bottom of the shoe is a transparent blue outsole combined with black elements. Is not beautiful are these shoes?

Finally, what are your favorite shoes of this brand leave a comment


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