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Tennis is definitely the most popular sport in the world attracting wealthy individual sponsors and eagerly watched by millions of viewers around the world. Best tennis players can count on profitable advertising contracts and they are idols of young people in their countries. There is no need in modern times to be interested in tennis to know the names of Roger Federer and Agnieszka Radwanska. Also tennis equipment is available to the public and the courts for games are scattered all over the world and frequented by people of any age.


The antique origins tennis

Origins of the tennis historians have found in ancient Egypt. The fact that already in another century was very popular game of bouncing ball hand or other instrument can provide drawings posted on the walls of ancient temples dating back to 1500 years BC. Then it wasbut only a part of religious ceremonies. Some historians also say that the name tennis comes from the ancient village of Tennis on the Nile and the word racquet from the Arabic word “rahat” meaning hand. Further evidence of the game with similar rules should be sought in the literature of the ancient Greeks and Romans. According to historians the Greeks have borrowed this game just from the Egyptians or Persians and called it “the ball game”


Balls for tennis story

antique tennis ball previewBalls for tennis were initially manufactured from a material or sheepskin filled their was animal fur or wool. Over time, in order to give the ball more speed was added to the interior of sand or calcium. As a result these treatments were frequent and serious injuries hands playing. Wishing to avoid this in 1481 King Louis XI issued an order requiring production of adequate quality balls. It may be considered that this was the first attempt to standardize their quality. In the sixteenth century when the “hand game” flourished. Production of balls and rockets became independent. It was established features of artisans engaged in the production equipment for the game.

The birth of tennis

birth of tennisIn the years 1858-1864 in British town of Birmingham, Major Harry Gem a professional a lawyer and his Spanish friend Augurio Perera created a game which is a combination of the English game with a rocket (tennis, cricket, badminton and squash) and Spanish pelota game in which they played croquet on the pitch. In 1871, the two men moved to Leamington town in central England where in 1873 along with two doctors from the Warneford Hospital created the world’s first tennis club.


In 1874 Wingfield wrote all the rules of the game in the 8-page notebook and went with her to the patent office but where the rejected his patent. Undeterred, however ingenious Englishman who soon took up promote of their game by selling equipment to its practice in wooden boxes. They contained four wooden rackets, rubber ball, pillars, as well as the grid, along with installation instructions and a booklet with the rules of the game.


The beginnings of tennis in the United States

beginnings of tennis in the United States

The game invented by Wingfield was exported to other English colonies spread around the world including Australia, India and China, and from there its way to other countries. In 1872 he traveled to Fairbanks playing on Bermuda where he became interested in her American Mary Ewing Outerbridge who was there on holidays and the rules of the game met a friend of Wingfield. It decided to take the case Wingfield to the United States where with the help of his brother created a grass tennis court in one of the boroughs of New York City. In 1873, on the pitch, “Cricket and Baseball Club” in New York, also created courts, which were played tennis regularly meeting.

Division between professionals tenis player – Tennis history

In 1913 was formed International Tennis Federation which initially had thirteen members representing the fourteen countries. The main idea of this organization was to care for the development and promotion of discipline and minimizing the differences with regard to the rules of the game in different countries. In 1924 the organization published a comprehensive set of rules on the tennis court which to this day has remained practically unchanged. The only major change was the introduction of tie-break in 1968 and its founder was one of the members of the organization American James Van Alen. The change was introduced in order to shorten the meetings courts so that they are more attractive for television stations conducting relationship with the tournament.


Today’s rules of the game of tennis


The historians sports to this day are not able to clearly explain the strange principles of calculating the scoring in tennis matches – winning point for the first 15 counts, for the second 30, the third 40. The fourth point won victory gives one a gem. At equilibrium the players are playing the so-called. “Advantage” – one win ball gives one advantage – to get the final point must win two advantages. Six gems made up for one set. In the women’s tournament match goes on to win two sets the male to win three.
Tennis matches are used in two categories: single game (single) and doubles (doubles). With the doubles matches pitch plus is the so-called side lines. doubles.


Every point of the game starts service of one of the players. It is acceptable to commit one error service – the first service is unsuccessful the competitor has another chance. During one gem serves one of the players at waging another – change.

Teaching tennis you can actually start at any age. But it is important to prepare good body conditioning and physical fitness because tennis is not just a game but also a technical exercise. Beginner player after just a few lessons begins to enjoy the bouncing balls and whoever tasted tennis will remain his sympathizer for years to what you and we encourage.

Longest tennis match in history

The longest match in history took place on in 2010 and it lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes. John Isner won against Nicolas Mahut

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